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  • Fatboy : No prob!
  • fatjud : I found them thank you Fatboy
  • Fatboy : Fatjud, I don't know if you can get this link to work for you because the site is an invitation only site, nor if the links are still good, but here's where postings of Flatt & Scruggs boxes are «link»
  • fatjud : I'm looking for the Flatt & Scruggs Bear Family sets if anyone has them.
  • Guest_4220 : Yes,redirected to scam sites
  • Fatboy : Anybody else having trouble with the links on the Porter & Dolly??
  • fatjud : *least
  • fatjud : I hope they don't get you, at leas i still have my blog for now!!
  • Fatboy : Yea, they're doing it about everyone, guess it's a matter of time before they do me
  • fatjud : don't know what i did to get booted.
  • fatjud : yes they did fatboy and it sucks i had almost 6,000 videos on there.
  • Fatboy : The Porter & Dolly keeps quitting every time I try the links
  • Fatboy : sure bud!, I see they took down one of your youtube channels a minute ago
  • Guest_4150 : thank yous so much for dolly and porter
  • Guest_4356 : Beware.Ilivid download manager will infect your computor
  • fatjud : fatboy would it be ok with you if i posted some of it to my blog, i'll give you credit for finding it.
  • Fatboy : Your welcome!!
  • fatjud : Great stuff Fatboy, thank you.
  • Fatboy : No Prob! Here it is: Jimmy Martin & The Sunny Mountain Boys.7z 1.44 GB «link»
  • fatjud : Fatboy Thanks for the Jimmy Newman and the Jimmy Martin
  • Fatboy : @ fatjud, I'm compressing the Jimmy Martin for you now, but I got this stuff from elsewhere than myself except a few of the albums, I did what I could with categorizing the songs to match albums, but there's a lot of the info I wasn't able to find for some reason, but I'm sending you everything I have that is Jimmy Martin
  • Fatboy : If anyone's interested....: Jimmy C. Newman - 1967 - The World Of Country Music [Decca DL-4885].7z 178.1 MB «link»
  • fatjud : yep
  • Fatboy : I knew 2014 was going by too quite fatjud!
  • fatjud : Seems like every day we lose another great, R.I.P. Jimmy
  • Fatboy : Jimmy Yves Newman (born August 29, 1927 - died June 21, 2014)
  • Fatboy : Well we have lost the "Alligator Man" Mr. Cajun Country Jimmy C. Newman...R.I.P.
  • fatjud : Afatboy, Huge thank you!!!!
  • Fatboy : Aight fatjud, I'll load 'em up!
  • fatjud : @fatboy i would love the albums, i appreciate that very much!!
  • Fatboy : @ fatjud, I'm still trying to find what I did with my Jimmy Martin box, did find my albums of him though if you want them....
  • howstean : The first page opens, but I get the message after keying in the Captcha code. Still not DL the file.
  • nichkon : link - works!!!
  • howstean : Thanks for the new link for Truck Stop, however I get "This webpage is not available"
  • Linda : Hello! Looking for DAVID ALLAN COE: FOR THE SOUL & FOR THE MIND - DEMOS OF 71-74. Any help is much appreciated!
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Dean Martin — The Nashville Sessions 1983

01 Since I Met You Baby
02 My First Country Song — with Conway Twitty
03 Drinking Champagne
04 Hangin’ Around
05 Love Put A Song In My Heart
06 Old Bones
07 Everybody’s Had The Blues — with Merle Haggard
08 Don’t Give Up On Me
09 In Love Up To My Heart

Bitrate:mp3,160 kbps Size:39 MB

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