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  • fatjud : I was thinking and it could be the motor itself, i had one that did the same thing once and it was a matter of weight i had to put extra weight on the platter or it would come out distorted.
  • fatjud : It has to be in the stylus or the arm.
  • Fatboy : I have no clue fatjud! Got 2 more today it did the same thing with!
  • Fatboy : @ Jupiter, I don't think it's coming out until May
  • Jupiter : Hi friend, any chance Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner -Just Between You and Me: The Complete Recordings 1967-1976 )Box Set Bear Family)?
  • fatjud : It may be your stylus Fatboy, may be bent.
  • Fatboy : Very much oblige Bobcat, I finally got myself a copy but the B-Side came out sounding warped, though I'm not convinced there isn't something wrong with my turntable, because I've had other LP's do the same thing
  • Fatboy : Oh Ok, I thought you didn't love us anymore Nichkon!!!
  • Bobcat : It's all good and Thank You.
  • nichkon : Thanks, Bobcat!
  • Bobcat : I have Kitty Wells' 1971 album "I've Got Yesterday" and a good copy of Down In Union County by Roy Acuff. If you want them, they will be available at «link» until 25 April, 2014 .
  • nichkon : Sevastopol and Crimea - Russia 16.03. 2014
  • fatjud : So sorry you're having trouble, you should try using zippyshare or mega.
  • nichkon : Hi, friends! I have problems with hostfiles! - blocked my files - very rare files!!!
  • fatjud : password is nich
  • Guest_3592 : down load charlie pride part one but when i go to open the files it says i need a password
  • Fatboy : @ ANNA, I've been trying forever to find someone with that one myself with no luck, the only Kitty Wells' album I'm missing too! UGH!!!, Let me know if you have any luck!! I haven't!!! LOL
  • ANNA : Anyone have Kitty Wells' 1971 album "I've Got Yesterday"???
  • Guest_605 : looking for Hank's Little flower girl By Little barbara
  • Guest_605 : looking for Hank's Little flower girl By Little barbara
  • Guest_1493 : guest605 looj on «link» do a search they several cds on there
  • Guest_1699 : At least there's no spam here...up to now. ♥♥♥♥
  • Fayboy : @ Guest_605, I think this site's been abandoned! LOL
  • Guest_605 : looking for anything i can find by jill johnson
  • Fatboy : me too, but nothing!
  • fatjud : @fatboy seems like it, i check in here every day for something new.
  • Guest_3684 : does anyone know what's up with the el banjo site
  • Fatboy : thanks anyway bud!
  • fatjud : @fatboy i though i had that album but i can't find it anywhere, sorry.
  • Fatboy : Anyone have Kitty Wells' 1971 album "I've Got Yesterday"??? That's the only full length album I'm missing, though I have a couple of others that are rough, that's the only one missing...
  • Fatboy : No Problem...
  • Crazygirl : You are not alone! ;-) Good old country never dies and still a lot of good rarities to discover! Greetings to you all! You have a GREAT taste in music!
  • fatjud : @fatboy Thanks i would appreciate it.
  • Fatboy : @ fatjud, I checked my Acuff collection, and they only place I found that song was on some radio show I have a copy of, if you want it...
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Dean Martin — The Nashville Sessions 1983

01 Since I Met You Baby
02 My First Country Song — with Conway Twitty
03 Drinking Champagne
04 Hangin’ Around
05 Love Put A Song In My Heart
06 Old Bones
07 Everybody’s Had The Blues — with Merle Haggard
08 Don’t Give Up On Me
09 In Love Up To My Heart

Bitrate:mp3,160 kbps Size:39 MB

pass nich

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